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by thefudgeishot
Mon Sep 10, 2018 02:09
Forum: Staff Applications
Topic: DJBenny2005 Staff Application
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Staff Application Modified & Accepted

Congratulations DJBenny2005. I Have Decided To Make You Staff But Not Moderator. You Will be Given Trial Helper. You Will receive More Information On Discord. BTW its Vandium Networks. Not Vandium Server. XD
by thefudgeishot
Sun Jul 08, 2018 08:36
Forum: Staff Applications
Topic: Application Template and Info Staff/Builder
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Application Template and Info Staff/Builder

Here is the Staff/Builder application form Vandium Networks, Admin's will View your Application and then come to a decision on if you should become staff. Please be patient Because Admins Are Very Very busy, And only get a chance to look at the Staff Applications Every so often. But we can guarantee...