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DJBenny2005 Staff Application

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 02:00
by DJBenny2005
In Game Name:DJBenny2005
Discord Name:DJBenny2005
Access To a Microphone:YES
Current Rank:Legend
Apply Rank:Mod
Past Experience:Building in vandium server and give advice to server
Past Bans and Why:N/A
Time Per Week:Monday to Friday: Lunch, Saturday and Sunday: call me if you want me
What Can You Do:I can turn vandium server into something beautiful and i can give advice help players and build lots of things
Profession: Building, Helping players, catch hackers and give advice to server
Anything Else:I am also Vaughan's weed (seaweed) dealer and speaker dealer.

Staff Application Modified & Accepted

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 02:09
by thefudgeishot
Congratulations DJBenny2005. I Have Decided To Make You Staff But Not Moderator. You Will be Given Trial Helper. You Will receive More Information On Discord. BTW its Vandium Networks. Not Vandium Server. XD